What does an indoor/outdoor run mean?

Our Indoor/Outdoor runs are one of our largest lodging options. This kennel has an indoor space with a raised cot and fresh water and a 3x15 ft. covered outdoor space that dogs can roam during the day.

What does an indoor only run mean?

Our indoor only runs are large temperature controlled kennels with slip resistant floor. This lodging is great for dogs of all sizes or multiple dogs that are looking to lodge together.

What is a Tranquility Suite?

Our Tranquility Suites are our cageless kennels located in a quiet room in our facility. This is a great option for older dogs, dogs with anxiety or any dogs that aren’t comfortable in a kennel setting. In these rooms, your pets have the option to listen to music or watch movies.

Is there a specific time that I need to drop my dog off at?

You can drop your pet off anytime during our business hours.

Is there a specific time that I need my pet to be picked up at?

You can pick your pet up anytime during our business hours. For boarding, all pets staying for the afternoon will be charged a $15 late check out fee.

Can I have a friend pick up or drop off my pet?

Yes. If you are having someone drop your pet off for you, make sure to confirm all your pets boarding information (feeding, medication, etc) either online or over the phone ahead of time. For pick up, make sure you add whoever is picking up as an authorized pick up person. You can do this either online or over the phone.

What should I bring for my pet’s stay?

We recommend you bring your dogs food with them. We provide food/water bowls, cots, and blankets for all pets staying here. You are welcome to bring toys, treats, and blankets for your pet, but we ask that you do not bring anything sentimental or new as we cannot guarantee its return. We do not accept any food bowls except slow feeders. My Pets Place is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. 

Can I bring my pet’s own food?

Yes, you can bring your pets food! We do ask that you portion your pet’s food into individual serving sizes. We always recommend if your pet has food allergies or sensitive stomach to bring your own food and to inform the front desk at drop off of those allergies. My Pet’s Place can provide food at $1 per feed if preferred. We do charge a $10 storage fee for large dog food bags and $3 per night for refrigerated foods.

I have a pet that requires medication, is there an extra charge?

Yes, there will be an additional daily charge of $1 per day for administrating.

I am thinking about signing my dog up for group play. Do dogs ever get hurt?

Although we do our best to minimize any injury to your dog, during normal play a dog may get small scratches, nicks, and lose small patches of fur. Although rare, it is possible for more serious injuries to occur. We do treat any wounded animals at Redstone Animal Hospital. Owners will be responsible for all veterinary fees.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs. Can they still come?

Yes they can! We even offer individual playtime for dogs that enjoy the attention of humans rather than other dogs. Dogs here for daycare or boarding can sign up for this service.

How many dogs are allowed in Group Play at one time?

To keep a safe play environment, we maintain staffing ratios of one staff member for every 15 dogs. In the event that we have more than 15 dogs, we will rotate dogs into several groups until all have received the amount of play they have been signed up for.

Why is my pet required to be vaccinated prior to boarding?

We take our vaccination requirements very seriously at My Pet’s Place. We are not only concerned with the health of your pet but also with the health of all the other animals your pet may come in contact with while boarding with us. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that My Pet’s Place has the required proof of vaccinations prior to boarding.