Fear Free Pet Services at Redstone Animal HospitalRune

This extremely handsome Doberman is named Rune, and he is one of our greatest success stories here at Redstone! Rune and his owner live in Breckenridge, and unfortunately, Rune was labeled as an extremely fear aggressive dog at his previous vet there. After the vet there seemed unsuccessful in working with Rune, his owner began her search for a Fear Free Certified Hospital and found us here. They were willing to make the drive to have him seen, and his first visit here was a success! He arrived with his muzzle on and allowed Dr. Greco to examine him with no concerns of aggression. She was able to evaluate him completely using a considerate approach and gentle control. Dr. Greco wanted to make sure that we checked his blood work, but chose to have them come back another time so we did not change his perception of the appointment by any means.

Before he returned for the actual appointment to draw his blood, he and his owner came in between his visits for a Happy Visit. He and his owner spent about half an hour in our lobby with a couple of staff members getting treats with and without a muzzle on. He was so comfortable with our staff that he was even doing tricks for treats such as shake! The staff and Rune all had such a great time together that he has been able to return to Redstone many more times without any concern. His owner has been so happy that he is not labeled as aggressive and as a dog who cannot be handled.

Rune is always welcome back at Redstone for even some playtime with our staff members. The owner has so kindly shared with us pictures from Rune’s second birthday where he was so spoiled and received so much love!

Kato Fear Free Certified Veterinarian in Littleton Colorado

This is Kato. He is our Assistant Practice Manager’s, Amanda, long-haired German Shepherd. Kato has, unfortunately, had multiple bad experiences with other dogs outside of the veterinary setting that made him gain a fear-aggression when he sees other dogs. With Amanda’s training to be a Fear Free Certified professional and the efforts of the hospital, Kato’s trips to the vet are much more relaxing as they provide visual blocks from other dogs as well as escort him through other entrances to avoid contact with a dog that may stress him out.

Where he once hated going to the vet, including loud whining when pulling into the parking lot, he is now comfortable walking through the hallways going to an exam room, or even getting a nail trim!

Fear Free Certified Veterinarian in Littleton ColoradoRose

Meet Rose, a beautiful Great Pyrenees!

Rose came for a Wellness Exam and Vaccine Update during the COVID-19 Pandemic when we were operating curbside only. She was nervous without her owner and put the brakes on when she was in the doorway leading to the exam rooms. Instead of trying to drag her to the exam room, Dr. Greco quickly adapted to Rose’s needs and did her exam in the hallway! Rose was relaxed and got her appointment done in no time so she could return to her family!