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My Pet's Place


Not just a job it's a passion!

Our Pack Members

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The people who care for your dogs and cats here at My Pet’s Place do not just consider it a job, they consider it a passion. We as a team look after your animals as if they were our own and take the time to ensure that they receive the up-most amount of care, playtime, and attention. Our staff here are all trained in animal first aid, behavior evaluation and general pet illness recognition. Your dogs will come running into our facility ready to play with their best pals here at My Pet’s Place.

We offer outdoor exercise time with either a staff member or a group of friendly, playful dogs for your pet to participate in. Ask us about the details on our boarding packages and add-ons. For our feline friends, we have a cat room and luxury cat suite available complete with calming diffusers and away from any noise. For any veterinary needs your pet may have, Redstone Animal Hospital is on site and available to our boarding clients.

We provide a bed for each dog and cat, food bowls, and toys. If you so choose, we serve a veterinary prescription: sensitive stomach dry kibble at $1 per feed. If you would like, you may bring your own food and treats. For storage purposes, we ask that you measure out daily proportions. Personal belongings, however, are not generally accepted/encouraged as we cannot guarantee their return.

The Dog House

All of our standard runs have indoor/outdoor access for our canine boarders. This allows them to come in and out as they please rather than feel confined and minimizes stress. For your small dogs, we have a small dog room and small dog suites to make them all the more comfortable during their stay.

Our West Facility, commonly expressed as the B-wing, features our newest addition of indoor only kennels. Lined with plexiglass and proxy flooring in a climate controlled facility; dogs who are prone to fear towards a kennel setting will love this new addition. Call us and ask about a tour so that we may place your dogs in the room that suits them for their stay.


Boarding and pet care at the same location done right by the best crew around!!!
–Roman Martinez
I would never even consider taking her anywhere else. I give them an A+
–Ronald Bailey
They always treat our dog like family. Very friendly and helpful staff.
–Regina Mundell
Great place. Very clean. Friendly and helpful staff.
–Robert Pitt
Booking the reservation was quick and easy. Staff is very friendly.
–Russ White
We love this place! Most importantly, our Apollo loves this place.
–June E.
This place is awesome! Thanks guys for making it safe and fun!
–Whitney C.

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