We offer two different lodging options for our feline friends! Both our cat condos and kitty suites are completely private and have hiding spots to help ease their anxiety while they are here. We offer a variety of daily add on services that you can sign your cat up for including our kitty cuddle service and abolish anxiety service! We are also happy to take care of your bunnies and ferrets while you are gone! You can leave them knowing they will be very popular and getting the utmost attention from our staff. Here at My Pets Place, we as a team will look after your animals as if they were our own and will take the time to help them feel comfortable and happy while they are here!

Exotic Boarding

Requirements: All exotic animals must be dropped off with adequate bedding/habitat/food/heat lamps/etc. My Pets Place does not provide any of these items. All ferrets staying with us must provide an up to date Rabies Certificate.

Cat Boarding

Feline Vaccination Requirements include:

  • Feline Rabies 
  • Feline Distemper (FVRCP)

You are responsible for sending us your pets up to date vaccine records 3 days prior to their reservation. You can email records to us or upload them to your online profile.

Food and Medication

We recommend bringing your cats food from home to keep them on the same diet, however we can provide Purina EN Gastrointestinal food if you do not bring your own. This food is an additional $1.00 per serving for dry cat food and $3.00 per serving for canned cat food. If your pet has refrigerated or frozen food, we charge an additional $3.00 per serving as well.

All medication brought with your pet needs to come in a labeled prescription bottle with the pet's name and correct dosage. 

Personal Belongings

We provide food/water bowls, blankets, bedding, and toys for all cats staying here. We do not recommend bringing anything besides your cats's food, treats, and carrier.  My Pets Place is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. 

Late Check-Out Fee 

All animals staying with us after 2 p.m. on their final day will be charged a $15 day fee for EACH pet.


Cat Condos – $35/night

cat boarding my pets place

A cozy kennel space with privacy curtains and soft bedding for up to 2 cats per condo.

Kitty Suites – $65/night

cat boarding my pets place

A large private room with shelves for climbing and hiding places. Price includes up to three cats.


Kitty Cuddle: $10 A playtime for your cat, where we offer treats, toys, and cuddles. Best for cats that love human affection

Daily Report Card: $7/update A once daily report card highlighting how your pet is doing during their stay. Report card can include pictures for an additional $3 

Abolish Anxiety: $10 Daily aromatic therapy using Adaptil and calming treats to promote low stress and anxiety. (not available for exotics)

Holiday Reservations

When boarding your pet over a major holiday, we do charge an increased holiday rate, which applies three days before the day of the holiday as well as three days after the day of the holiday. The holiday rate is $5 extra per night/ per pet.

Our Major Holidays Include:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

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