Regular grooming sessions keep your pets happy and their skin and coats healthy. Our experienced pet groomers are gentle and loving. We pay special attention to your cat’s or dog’s skin, coat, nails, ears, and glands.

A clean pet is a happy pet and makes for a healthier environment in your home!

About our Groomer, Laurie

Laurie has been grooming pets for over 30 years and has been with us at My Pets Place for 1 year! She graduated Colorado Career Academy for all breed grooming and animal nutrition.

Laurie has worked with pets of all breeds and temperaments and loves her work! Her favorite thing about grooming is getting to spend time with animals all day long making feel clean and healthy.

Her favorite breeds to groom are Schnauzers and Terriers. Laurie loves to spend her free time playing with her Great Danes and going to the mountains. 

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