Thank you for choosing My Pets Place grooming experience! 

Before every appointment: All animals in our care for grooming are required to be up to date on all required vaccinations and for the first 30 minutes will be subject to a 10 point health check and behavioral assessment to ensure that todays appointment will be a safe and fear free experience. At any point during todays appointment, regardless of the health check and assessment, if our groomers feel it is unsafe for them or your pets to continue, we reserve the right to cease grooming. Payment for services done up until this point are the responsibility of the owner.

At check in, you will be provided with a waiver reviewing these policies and will be asked to sign it before we begin your pets appointment. If all requirements are not met at this time, your appointment will be rescheduled pending completion of our requirements.  


Bath Service:  includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Small Bath          (0-30 lbs)       $60

Medium Bath      (31-60 lbs)     $80

Large Bath          (61-90 lbs)     $100

XL Bath               (91 +lbs)        $120

(Pricing exceptions may be made for short haired dogs under 10 lbs and short haired "low riders" over 50 lbs)

Haircut Service:  includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, and nail trim and ANY haircutting or trimming desired.

Small Haircut        (0-30 lbs)     $80

Medium Haircut    (31-60 lbs)   $100

Large Bath           (61-90 lbs)    $120

XL Bath                 (91+ lbs)      $140

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (to be added to Baths or Haircuts only)

De-matting Fee: $1 per minute of brushing. For all dogs with extensive brushing or de-matting needs, a 6 week appointment schedule will be required to help maintain the health of your pets coats and wellness of our groomers equipment.

Nail Trim: $25 Nails can be dremmeled for an additional $5

Spa Day Add-On: $30 Our Spa Day add on is for those pups that need a little extra TLC or just want to be pampered!

                              This service includes: a Blueberry Facial scrub, great for dogs with wrinkles or tear stains! Tear stain removal wipes for dogs who need it, soothing paw lotion scrub for dry or cracked paw pads, nose butter for dry or                                cracked noses and more! The spa day add on service is priced in ADDITION to bathing or haircuts and CANNOT be scheduled alone.

How We Operate:

Our grooming appointments operate on a 4-8 week schedule, at which your pet will receive a Bath or Haircut service and everything that includes. At pick up, your next two grooming appointments will be scheduled for your convenience. If you need to reschedule these appointments, call us at 303-586-0426 to reschedule. 

Our 10 point health check looks at your pets eyes, ears, nose, skin, teeth and gums, coat, nails, movement, lumps, rear. If we come across any abnormalities or concerns, we will call you before proceeding with the appointment.

Our behavior assessment assures that at every step of the grooming process, (check-in, bath, blow-dry, nail-trim, ear cleaning, brushing, etc.) that not only is your pet comfortable and safe, but also happy and stress free. We want this to be a positive experience for your pet, as it makes the process much easier for everyone involved.

Some things we are now doing to improve the overall experience are giving the dogs cage-free grooming, using new and improved shampoo and conditioner that does not strip their coat of natural moisturizers, offering calming treats and puzzles to keep them occupied, and ensuring a stress-free environment: NO MATTER WHAT!

Meet our groomers, Chris and Sloan!

Sloan grew up in Illinois and had many family pets growing up, most being Yorkies! He moved to Colorado in 2018 and worked at a boarding and daycare facility in Colorado Springs w/ Chris. Sloan began looking for a better facility as he has very high standards for the cleanliness of a facility and he found My Pets Place. He began as a kennel technician right before the summer of 2022 and fell in love with our facility.

Chris grew up on a farm in West Virginia surrounded by all kinds of animals and has always been passionate about their wellbeing. He moved to Colorado in 2019 and has been working in the animal industry since. Chris went to search for better opportunities and decided to follow Sloan to My Pets Place. He joined our team in 2022 as a kennel technician and receptionist.

As the end of 2022 approached, both Chris and Sloan took an interest in our grooming department & saw it needed improvement. The opportunity arose for them to take over the grooming department so they sought out training & got a grooming apprenticeship with one of our past groomers, Ashley (she groomed with MPP for 5 years) Now that they are trained in grooming, they are working every day to make how we groom better!

In their free time, Chris and Sloan enjoy hanging out with friends, spending time in the mountains, going on road trips, and spoiling their 4 dogs! 

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