Day Training 

Currently offered Wednesday - Friday

Day Training is a full-day program that focuses entirely on training, exercise and socialization. Your dog's day is 100% tailored to emphasize whatever your goals are, whether that's basic obedience, service dog training, off-leash work, etc.

  • Base Program - $1650   
    • When signing your pup up for Day Training, they must complete the base program before single sessions are offered. The Base Program will teach your pup a core curriculum that includes sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, leave it and impulse control, place, polite greetings, and door manners. Also, obedience is on a leash
    • Includes 
      • 2-3 structured training sessions each day
      • Play sessions and socialization with other dogs when appropriate
      • 3 days of day training a week for 3 weeks
      • Daily report card, Virtual Transition Guide, as well as a 30-minute private lesson at the end of the week