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Video Otoscopy

Medical Services

Video Otoscopy

Video otoscopy allows us to evaluate your pet’s ears on a large screen, rather than a much smaller view. The main benefit of this is that we are able to fully evaluate the ear canal (and we can show you the ear canal as well!) Often, we will also do cytology of the ear discharge if we notice an infection. This means that we may take a swab of the discharge and evaluate it under the microscope. This way, we can diagnose bacterial, yeast, and/or mite infections and we will send your pet home on the correct medication. It is our job to make sure that you know how to properly clean your pet’s ears and administer their medication, if it is indicated.

Digital X-ray

We feature a digital x-ray unit. This is not something that you can find very often in a small animal hospital. This unit allows us to take the x-rays in the detail that we need in order to diagnose your pet’s problem. We can even e-mail these x-rays to specialists (for instance, our orthopedic surgeon) if a second opinion is indicated. Let us know if you would like to take home a copy of your pet’s x-rays on a CD.


At Redstone, we are passionate about your pet’s dental health! This is because dental disease can have a negative impact on your pet’s organ health and also causes pain. At your pet’s annual wellness exam, we would like to discuss home dental care options so that we can prevent dental disease in your pet. If you suspect dental problems we offer Complimentary Dental Health Exams to provide you the best treatment plan for your pets dental care. Yes, brushing is best (and it’s not as hard as you think!) but, if you can’t brush- we can help you find other alternatives. If your pet has dental disease, we will talk to you about performing a dental cleaning on your pet. Many of our clients comment that their pet acts like a puppy/kitten again after a cleaning! We have advanced dental equipment, including a digital dental x-ray unit. During the cleaning, we use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all of the plaque and tartar, evaluate and clean any pockets, and then follow with a polishing. Teeth are only extracted if they absolutely must come out for the comfort of the pet.

Broken Teeth?

Dr Downie has experience in applying a BONDED SEALANT to broken teeth. This allows us to often save the tooth!

Why must broken teeth be addressed?

  • Broken teeth always hurt!
  • Broken teeth WILL abscess

Dogs get broken teeth from chewing on rocks and fences (among other things). The sooner the tooth is evaluated, the better chance we have of saving it. The tooth will be x-ray’d to assess the root. If the root looks good and is free of infection, the tooth can be SEALED. A bonded sealant will eliminate tooth pain and prevent a tooth root abscess from forming.