We Are A Fear Free Practice

As a Fear-Free Certified Practice, we work to create less stressful visits for both you and your pets. Redstone became a Fear Free Certified Practice in the summer of 2018 and have been happily serving our fearful friends since. Our Fear Free Certified Professionals have gone through special training to be able to recognize fear, anxiety, and stress in your pets and are able to help reduce stress during exams to be more comfortable. We are always willing to specialize your pets visit so we can make their experience seem just as relaxing as when they are in the comfort of their home.

What is Fear Free?

The #1 reason pet owners don't take their pets to the vet is because of stress to the pet. Fear Free was created to "Take the Pet Out of Petrified" and help prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. This is especially common in young, healthy cats. The movement has helped educate veterinary professionals and owners to recognize and help resolve fear, anxiety, and stress in coming to the vet as well as helping with certain situations at home such as enrichment for the mind. Fear Free has created such a positive difference in the veterinary world and we are so excited to help make your visits relaxing and enjoyable through the Fear Free way!

So, how do we do it? In becoming certified as a Fear Free Professional, we have learned what things may be stressful to our patients as well as what level of stress they may be experiencing. The Fear Free organization created the FAS Scale, or Fear, Anxiety, and Stress Scale. The scale measures the levels from 0 being completely 100% relaxed, to 5 meaning the pet is displaying severe signs of FAS that could include aggression. Once we are familiar with how the levels of FAS look, we then created an environment prepared to decrease stress from the moment you walk through the door.

Examples of how we reduce stress are:

  • Using canine and feline specific pheromones
  • Visual block in the lobby so species may be separated
  • Plenty of treats ranging in delectability, from crunchy treats to squeezy cheese and peanut butter
  • Avoid taking pets from their owners at all costs
  • Explore alternative options if a patient becomes too stressed
  • Provide cuddle buddies that have been hugged by the owner for surgeries or drop-offs

These and many more examples are what prepares us for any range of FAS. We offer many techniques for the exam itself as well as for when your pet needs to be dropped off for surgery. We may even explore PVP’s, or Pre-Visit Pharmaceuticals, to aid in relaxation for the pets who are extremely stressed to ensure everyone’s safety. So, with Fear Free in mind at all times, we will always be ready to help make the visit less scary.