Littleton Canine Coaches

Littleton Canine Coaches is proud to offer training and evaluations for the American Kennel Club's Family Dog program, including the Canine Good Citizen tests, STAR puppy tests, and Trick Dog tests. We offer multiple options for dog training including private lessons, board and training, day training, and group classes. We believe every dog, owner, situation, and challenges are different. The correct solution may be a combination of food training, marker training, leash and training collar, or teaching pressure and release through remote collar training to work through, rehabilitate, train and teach new skills and abilities.

About our Trainer

Our Lead Dog Trainer, Peyton, has experience in a variety of disciplines including pet manners and obedience, AKC dog sports, service dog training, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, professional detection dogs and protection sports. She has been training dogs since 2014 & believes there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to dog training. Peyton has 3 Belgian Malinois of her own who keep her schedule very busy! When she isn’t training, she loves to spend time outdoors camping and hiking with her dogs. 

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10-Day Jump Start Program - $1900

In this program, we teach your dog basic manners and the foundations of obedience commands that you need to have a well-behaved dog.  You'll have a little more work to do when your dog comes home compared to our 3-week program because  10 days doesn't give us a lot of time to practice the behaviors around a variety of distractions.  This program is best for people who have trained a dog before or people who plan to utilize the training after the program such as therapy work, taking the dog to work with you, or doing a lot of public outings. We teach your dog polite greetings without jumping or play biting, basic commands like sit down, come, and drop it, and either loose leash walking or the place and stay commands.                     

Jump Start Program Includes:

  • 10 structured days of boarding and training at our facility
  • 1 daily playgroup with other dogs (if appropriate)
  • 4 private lessons with you and our trainer to help you maintain and improve your dog's training 
  • Unlimited lifetime support from your trainer via email/text
  • Access to our weekly drop-in group classes for refresher training.

3-Week All Star Program

Our 3-week All Star Program teaches your dog everything they need to be a polite, well-rounded, obedient companion. It includes proofing and follow-up training to make sure that the training lasts. We teach your dog everything included in the Jump Start program including polite greetings and basic commands. We will also work on stopping problems like jumping, play biting, counter surfing, and destructive chewing. Your dog will learn stay, place, leash walking skills, and work on these skills in a variety of pet-friendly environments like Lowe's, pet stores, breweries, pet-friendly malls, and even the vet's office.

All Star Program Includes:

  • 21 days of boarding and training at our facility
  • Up to 2 daily playgroups with other dogs (if appropriate)
  • Virtual Transition Guide
  • 2 private lessons to teach you how to maintain and build on the training
  • Unlimited support from your trainer over text/email
  • Acess to our weekly drop-in group classes for refresher training 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for dogs who can't focus well in a group environment or need more specialized training. Private lessons are customized to you and your dog's needs and taught at your pace. Whether you need your pup just to have manners in the house, need service dog training, or want them to do advanced off-leash obedience, we can help! We offer lessons in home or in public, pet friendly locations.

  • Single 1-hour lesson - $150
  •  4 Lesson Package - $580

Day Training 

Currently offered Wednesday - Friday

Day Training is a full-day program that focuses entirely on training, exercise and socialization. Your dog's day is 100% tailored to emphasize whatever your goals are, whether that's basic obedience, service dog training, off-leash work, etc.

  • Base Program - $1650   
    • When signing your pup up for Day Training, they must complete the base program before single sessions are offered. The Base Program will teach your pup a core curriculum that includes sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, leave it and impulse control, place, polite greetings, and door manners. Also, obedience is on a leash
    • Includes 
      • 2-3 structured training sessions each day
      • Play sessions and socialization with other dogs when appropriate
      • 3 days of day training a week for 3 weeks
      • Daily report card, Virtual Transition Guide, as well as a 30-minute private lesson at the end of the week

Group Classes

We offer a variety of group classes, including puppy classes, basic and advanced obedience, public manners, trail manners, dog sports and drop-in classes for our Board and Train graduates. Classes begin in November and January.

  • Basic Obedience Group Class
    • This class is perfect for dogs over 6 months with minimal to no previous training.  We work on basic obedience such as sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, place and leave it as well as impulse control, solving problem behaviors and working on manners
  • AKC STAR Puppy Class
    • STAR Puppy helps you start off on the right paw and sets your dog up for success. We solve common issues such as jumping, chewing and biting, and most importantly -socialize your puppy the correct way so you can shape them into a well-mannered and confident dog.
    • STAR Puppy is designed for puppies under 6 months old. This is a fantastic class for new puppy owners and experienced puppy owners who want a jump start on training. Your puppy will gain confidence, learn how to greet people calmly, learn the foundations of basic obedience, work on crate training, and more!