When you walk in the door at Redstone, our focus is on you and your pet! Even though our hospital is smaller, we have advanced medical technology- digital x-ray equipment, ultrasound, video otoscopy (for examining your pet’s ears), and full monitoring for anesthesia (to name a few)! We are also fully equipped to deal with any emergencies. Not only do we hold ourselves to a very high medical standard, we focus on compassionate care and client education.

We understand that you and your pet may both be stressed when walking through our doors. Your pet may feel a little anxious, coming into a new place. This is why you will see us offering treats to help your pet feel at ease. Once they get to know us, a lot of our patients LOVE coming in here! You may feel stressed because you are concerned about your pet’s condition or you may be worried that you can’t afford the veterinary care. We are committed to trying to find a diagnostic and therapeutic treatment plan that is within your family’s budget.

We like for you to see the same doctor and veterinary technician each time you come to Redstone. By staying with the same doctor, this helps us to achieve optimal medical care for your pet because of the continuity. It also allows us to get to know you and your pet. Sometimes, this isn’t possible because your pet’s regular veterinarian isn’t available on the day that you need to come in to Redstone. This is okay because we have a team approach to your pet’s health care. Our medical records are detailed, and the next doctor will pick up where your regular doctor left off. We think you will find all of our doctors personable and professional!

Our mission at Redstone is to deliver high quality medical care for your pet at a fair price, with a focus on compassionate care and client education. We also strive to make the veterinary visit a pleasant experience for your pet.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Working with clients that have older animals with arthritis and mobility problems. Let us develop a treatment plan for your pet that will keep them comfortable in their older years.
  • Helping your pet to achieve their perfect weight. Did you know that if your pet is kept lean, they will live for TWO more years? And, thin pets have a better quality of life! We have on on staff Nutritionist to help!
  • Spay and neuter and other surgeries: Dr. Downie has a lot of experience, working for different spay & neuter clinics over the years. Many of our clients comment on the speed of their pet’s recovery and the small incision that was made.
  • Ear disease: Many Colorado dogs are afflicted with chronic ear disease. We have advanced technology that helps us to take care of the current issue and get to the root of the underlying problem. See more about “video otoscopy” under “What makes us unique”.
  • Internal medicine: Is your pet drinking too much water? Losing weight? The diagnostic team at Redstone is ready to get to the bottom of the problem. Starting with a complete history and physical exam, we will develop a diagnostic plan for your pet’s problem. We are always willing to give you a written treatment plan before performing any diagnostics, so that you are aware of the costs involved beforehand.
  • Dentistry: We would like to talk with you about home dental care options so that we can prevent dental disease in your pet. Yes, brushing is best (and it’s not as hard as you think!) but, if you can’t brush- we can help you find other alternatives. If your pet has dental disease, set up a free dental consultation with one of our technicians so that we can grade the dental disease and talk to you about performing a dental cleaning on your pet. Many of our clients comment that their pet acts like a puppy/kitten again after a cleaning! Your pet’s dental health plays a role in their entire well being.
  • Client education! We are dedicated to educating you to be the best health care advocate for your pet. You are our first line of defense in detecting and preventing problems. We don’t want you to walk out the door until ALL of your questions are answered. We strive to educate you in nutrition, your pet’s weight, and preventative healthcare- to name a few! The doctors and technicians at Redstone are ALWAYS available to take your phone calls, don’t hesitate to ask us all of your questions!

Come in and see what our clients are talking about. Your pets are part of your family and that’s exactly how they will be treated here at Redstone!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Laura Downie